The Crawford County District Attorney—Francis Schultz—says that an officer with the Titusville (PA) Police Department who opened fire on a subject after a vehicle pursuit that exceeded 100 miles per hour was justified in his actions.

During the incident—which took place in late January—William Birchard was behind the wheel of an SUV pursued by Titusville police vehicles.

According to the Meadville Tribune, police were able to get in front of the fleeing SUV and bring the pursuit to a halt.

It was then that Birchard put his vehicle in reverse, placing officers behind him in danger of serious injury or death. T

"After being involved in a high speed chase with Birchard that covered a distance of approximately 5 miles, Officer #2 possessed a reasonable belief that he was in danger of death or serious bodily injury when Birchard backed his vehicle in an aggressive manner towards Officer #2 and the patrol unit," Schultz said in the statement. "There is no evidence that Officer #2 committed any crimes when he discharged his firearm at the suspect."