Federal has announced a new premium HST 10mm auto load. The company says the new round combines the "ultimate self-defense bullet and cartridge." Shipments have been delivered to dealers.

Full-power loading makes the most of the HST bullet design, providing large, consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance, Federal says. Its specially designed hollow point won't plug while passing through a variety of barriers, and the bullet jacket and core hold together to provide nearly 100 percent weight retention through even the toughest materials, the company adds.

The company says the new round offers the following features and benefits.

* 1130 fps muzzle velocity

* Specially designed 200-grain hollow point expands reliably through a variety of barriers

* Expanded diameter and weight retention produce the desired penetration for self-defense situations without over penetrating

* Superior performance in FBI test protocol used by law enforcement officials to assess and select duty ammunition

* Bullet nose profile, nickel-plated case and Federal’s proprietary primer provide the ultimate in function and reliability in semi-automatic handguns

For more information on Federal ammunition, visit www.federalpremium.com.