Officers with the Tucson (AZ) Police Department were called to investigate a "white powdery substance" on Friday, causing the department's Public Information Officr to address the media just outside of crime scene tape.

The department took to Twitter, stating "BREAKING NEWS. Tucson PD Investigating Suspicious White Powdery Substance. We now have some answers. Thank you for your patience. See video for details."

The two officers soon received word that the suspicious substance was simply frozen water falling from the sky—known to scientists as snow.

The sergeant in the video—identified as P. Dugan—pronounced the word "s ˈnau̇," (rhyming with now, cow, and ow).

Despite the humor in the Tweet, there were some serious public safety matters discussed, as Dugan reminded drivers to drive carefully, slowing down below normal speeds and allowing greater distance between vehicles to avoid collisions.

At the end, the two officers in the frame came under a withering barrage of snowballs.