San Jose, CA, Mayor Sam Liccardo wants gun retailers in the city to video record all firearm purchases, ban home gun sales, and tighten up licensing for handguns, as part of a suite of changes to the city’s gun safety ordinance.

The proposed regulations are reportedly aimed in large part at thwarting straw purchases, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

“Guns are entering our community from legal gun shops,” Liccardo said Tuesday. “But they’re being purchased by people other than those who ultimately intend to carry and use the guns.”

Under the proposal, co-signed by Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, the city would ban the sale of guns or ammunition from residences in San Jose and require a license for the sale, transfer, or advertisement within the city of concealable firearms and ammunition. In addition, gun retailers would be required to display signs giving information about gun laws, suicide prevention and domestic violence.