Security Devices International Inc., an emerging non-lethal technology company, has commenced commercialization of the Byrna HD non-lethal personal security device beginning with the launch of its new E-commerce store and concurrent with the first preorders being accepted in the United States at a special introductory price at the Byrna booth during DAYTONA Speedweeks on February 10, 2019.

The full Byrna HD collection is now available to the public for the first time through the Byrna HD E-Commerce store at Customers who preorder the Byrna HD will receive 15% off their order with the coupon code BYRNANATION.

Concurrent with the E-commerce launch, SDI is accepting Byrna HD preorders at a special introductory price at the Byrna booth at the Daytona International Speedway during DAYTONA Speedweeks until February 17, 2019. SDI will offer the Byrna HD kit as a stand-alone product in either Byrna Orange, Black, or Desert Tan. A Digital Camouflage version will also be available at an additional charge. 

"We are thrilled to offer consumers the opportunity to preorder a Byrna HD non-lethal personal security device for the first time," said Bryan Ganz, President of SDI. "Our product fills a critical hole within the self-defense spectrum, uniquely allowing consumers to engage threats at range in a non-lethal manner. We believe there is significant commercial demand for our product and look forward to ramping production to meet this anticipated demand. I am incredibly proud of our E-commerce, sales, engineering and production teams, who have made commercialization of this innovative product possible. I look forward to providing the investment community with further updates on our sales progress as we strive to build long-term shareholder value."

The Byrna HD (Home Defense) is a disruptive new non-lethal device aimed at the home defense and personal security markets. Its patented design, compact size, five-round magazine, laser sight adaptability and point and shoot capabilities are intended to make the Byrna a truly effective personal security device offering many of the same features as today's popular handguns, but with one critical difference – it fires non-lethal rounds which do not result in the loss of human life. Instead, the Byrna delivers a chemical payload that causes an immediate burning sensation in the attacker's eyes and respiratory system (hence the name "bur-nah"), thereby deterring, disorienting, disrupting and delaying an attacker, providing time to escape or call for assistance.

The Byrna HD will not require a gun license and has a starting price of $349. It will be able to be fitted with laser sights or flashlights and fit easily in either an inside the waistband or tactical holster. The Byrna HD was designed for those wanting a way to stop an attacker at standoff distances far beyond what is generally available on the market today (except with a lethal device), in order to disarm a threat before it escalates out of control and without the need to use deadly force. The company says its ease of use and obtainability will make it a natural choice for both those homeowners that would never own a gun as well as a must-have add-on to any gun enthusiast's firearms collection.

The Byrna HD is now available for sale on