Kelly Clarkson—the first-ever winner of the American Idol TV competition show—invited two Kansas Highway Patrol troopers to join her on stage during a recent concert.

Clarkson reportedly played a portion of their "police car karaoke" video the two created in May 2018 before they joined her on stage.

Following the event the video of the appearance went viral on social media. Troopers Lamonte Jackson and Mike Pagel then were interviewed on Fox News.

Lamonte said, "What we're trying to do is something different with our social media. We're trying to reach out to the community and do something fun for people."

Lamonte added, "What we're trying to do is bring the citizens and the community closer to law enforcement."

He said, "It seems there's been a divide further than we should have in America," adding that they were just trying to "bring the community and the citizens closer together."