Rock River Arms' new LAR-9 Pistols with SB Tactical Braces come in 7-inch and 10.5-inch models.
 - Photo: Rock River Arms

Rock River Arms' new LAR-9 Pistols with SB Tactical Braces come in 7-inch and 10.5-inch models.

Photo: Rock River Arms

Rock River Arms, a leader in specialized modern sporting rifles and purpose-built tactical firearms, is expanding its LAR-9 line of 9mm-chambered semi-auto pistols. These new models are made to deliver the same reliable performance as RRA's original LAR-9 pistols but come with new handguards and are fitted with SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces.

Available with either a 7-inch or 10.5-inch barrel, the LAR-9 pistols utilize the SB Tactical Braces to deliver greater muzzle control, platform stability, and accuracy in this short package. As a result, the new LAR-9s make an even greater case for employing the 9mm pistol configuration as a logical "go-to" firearm for personal on-the-go and home defense (when used in compliance with applicable jurisdiction laws).

As with the original LAR-9 A4 pistols, these new models are built on RRA's own 9mm lower receiver assembly, which features an integral 9mm compatible magazine well (as opposed to a mag block conversion) for reliable ammo feeding and utilizes Colt SMG-style magazines. Also included is a 9mm-specific trigger spring group and ejector. Topside, the LAR-9s begin with RRA's A4 9mm forged upper receiver, to which are added the blowback-design bolt carrier group, modified port door, and case deflector.

Two barrel configurations are offered with an SB Tactical Brace setup—a 7-inch chrome moly and a 10.5-inch chrome-lined chrome moly version, both with 1:10 rifling for optimal bullet stabilization. Each model is standard with RRA's stylish and ergonomic lightweight aluminum free-float handguard. These handguards are M-LOK compatible so accessories such as tactical lights or lasers can be conveniently mounted. The 10.5-inch barrel model uses the 9.25-inch mid-length version of this handguard while the 7-inch model is equipped with the 6-inch extended-length handguard.

Additional features common to the 7-inch and 10.5-inch barrel length pistols include a rubber Hogue grip, single-stage trigger assembly, and inclusion of one Colt SMG-style magazine.

RRA LAR-9 Pistols w/SB Tactical Braces Specifications, 7-inch & 10.5-inch models:

Caliber: 9mm Luger chamber

Upper: Forged RRA LAR-9

Lower: Forged A4

Barrel: 7"/10.5" Chrome Moly, 1:10 Twist

Muzzle Device: A2 flash hider, 1/2-36 thread

Trigger: Single-stage

Handguard: RRA lightweight aluminum free-float, M-LOK compatible;  6" extended length (7" barrel) / 9.25" mid-length (10.5" barrel)

Pistol Grip: Hogue rubber grip

Arm Brace: SBX-K arm brace and/or SB Tactical Adjustable A3 Brace

Length: 24.75" (7" barrel) / 29.25" (10.5" barrel)

Weight: 5.6 lbs (7" barrel) / 6.3 lbs (10.5" barrel)

Includes: One Colt SMG-style magazine, manual, warranty information

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