A couple is suing the San Francisco Police Department, alleging that officers searching for stolen mobile phones "ransacked" their apartment in a 2017 incident.  

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the incident began when a team of burglars stole 300 iPhones from an Apple store and fled the scene. A newly formed special unit was assigned the case and an investigation was opened.

Two weeks later, Rick Garcia purchased an iPhone.

Two weeks later, Garcia was "abruptly awakened by a shouting and banging emanating from his exterior hallway" with shouts of "San Francisco Police Department!" and "Search warrant!" according to the Chronicle.

Garcia was arrested, and his wife—who had just emerged from the shower and was clothed in a bathrobe—was told to get dressed.

She did, and reportedly then showed officers the receipt for the new iPhone.

The officers realized they were in the wrong place and left.

The lawsuit seeks undisclosed damages.