FAAC Incorporated offers its DTS™ PP-1000, a driver training system that offers multiple driving worlds as a standard feature. In addition to a virtual driving world, which includes 60 scripted or repeatable training scenarios designed specifically for law enforcement, FAAC’s DTSTM has a second virtual driving world. This 50- square-mile driving world provides 87 miles of continuous roadways with "drive anywhere" capability — on road or off. Drive in a free-play, unrestricted environment with intelligent, spontaneous traffic. Each driving session can be unique.

Add an instructor-driven "rabbit" to any system and provide your department with unmatched realism as two "live" drivers — in the same virtual world — become involved in a pursuit or tactical training session. DTSTM simulators have trained over 35,000 drivers — worldwide. Technology transfer from the military sector provides the ultimate in realism, functionality, and usability for law enforcement.