CTS's Super-Sock was, according to the NTOA, the most accurate Less-Lethal round ever tested by them. This kind of quality control is typical of CTS as their impact on the market is felt with the introduction of some new and innovative products. The Super-Sock deploys fully as soon as it exits the muzzle with no "unfolding" necessary as is the case with traditional flat bag rounds. The 40mm Sponge Cartridge is designed to engage the rifling on launchers and is highly accurate. It can be saturated with various chemical agents and when the target is struck, the compression of the projectile serves to squeeze out the irritant powder, creating a "cloud" at the target. The Multipurpose Flash-Bang has rapidly become popular with teams due to the disposable nature of the device. The angled ports on the base will allow clearance even if the device is blocked by a wall or other structure. The safety clip keeps the pin in place during rough use.