The NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association posted a lengthy statement on Facebook, ripping elected officials and police leaders who are seen by the SBA to be too cozy with anti-police politicians.

"We are being 'led' by the wrong people whose policies are enacted for political expedience and police officers are regarded as collateral damage in their quest to enact progressive agendas," the post read.

"Each of us who wear a uniform know we are being sold out and used as scapegoats and props by elected officials, amateur commissioners, and the appointments of inept police chiefs based on incestuous professional relationships."

The NYPD SBA cited the "Ferguson Effect" in its criticism of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.

"The mayor and the police commissioner's actions — as well as their inactions — continually display a failure to supervise and lead, with dangerous and sometimes deadly consequences," the SBA said.

The NYPD SBA post detailed two specific instances in which the public and the press have disrespected the police, either verbally or in print under "misleading headlines" influenced by anti-police sentiment.

"Things are inherently wrong when society's miscreants are emboldened enough to verbally abuse and incite uniformed police officers, and believe it is okay to taunt them while 'armed' with cell phone cameras," the post said.

Read the full Facebook post here.