Ti Training LE LLC, a leader in providing simulation training systems exclusively to the law enforcement and security markets, will offer new features, scenarios, and sound upgrades to its TLEX 180-degree training system at this year's IACP Conference and Exposition to be held October 6–9 in Orlando, FL.

The TLEX 180 Interactive Use of Force Training Simulation System utilizes an exclusive design that allows the customer a fully customizable footprint to meet the specific needs of the training syllabus. With the movable three-screen design, the angle of the "wings" or side screens can be moved to create a 180-degree training environment or move to any angle, ultimately allowing for a 33-foot-wide projected surface that can be utilized for marksmanship or any other lane based skill builders.

New this year for the TLEX 180 is the Pin Point Sound System, a powerful amplified surround sound program that directs precise sound to the trainee. Additional sound cues have been added to the scenarios to create a more immersive experience, so that officers can be better trained to understand and react to their surroundings.

Like all of Ti's training simulation products, the TLEX 180 is made to accommodate all training force options with a full line of recoil weapons kits, TASER, OC, baton, and less lethal options.

Also featured this year will be the new V23 Live Fire Interactive Range Experience. The V23 converts any live fire range into an interactive training skill builder. The V23 "Plug and Play" system is only available from Ti Training for use in a live fire range.

These new products as well as Ti's Training Lab Simulation system will be available for a hands-on demonstration in booth number 1129 at the IACP vendor exhibition. For an appointment or further information on any Ti Training products, contact Ashley Cody, [email protected], or Toll free at 800-634-1936.

For more information about Ti Training LE, LLC, visit www.titraining.com.