NYPD Sergeant Richard Blake said he was being robbed in the early morning hours on Thursday when he drew a gun and squeezed off two rounds, with one striking the alleged assailant in the jaw, according to authorities.

The man who was shot — identified as Thavone Santana — reportedly has nine prior arrests, including for robbery and gun possession, according to the New York Post.

Santana was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to survive.

Surveillance video appears to show Blake and Santana in some sort of an argument. After the shots were fired, it appears that Blake dropped an object, and then picked it up. It is unclear what that object was.

"According to sources, the object you can see Blake drop, then pick up in the video may be a weapon. Investigators are trying to figure out whether he was trying to plant it or whether he just dropped it by accident," said a report by NY1.

A well-known community leader has already come out with accusations of foul play on the part of the officer, claiming that the dispute was over a rivalry over a romantic interest. There is so far no evidence to substantiate that claim.

In a statement, the NYPD said, "This remains an open and fluid investigation, and the NYPD is coordinating closely with the Kings County District Attorney’s office. Video of the incident has been recovered and is under review. The video captures actions that raise serious questions, and require further investigation. Recovered video is being shared with the Kings County DA. The member of service involved in this incident remains on modified duty."

Blake has been placed on desk duty.