Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed into law HB 2502, which provides critical treatment of PTSD for public safety personnel. The bill was sponsored by Representative Paul Boyer. Senator Steve Smith, Senator Rick Gray, and Representative Mark Fitchem.

The new law provides public safety personnel with 36 visits to a licensed treatment professional, compensation for time spent in treatment, restoration of leave time used as a result of PTSD, and comprehensive study/documentation of PTSD claims/usage/denials

HB 2502 was drafted in response to the suicide of Phoenix Officer Craig Tiger and titled the “The Officer Craig Tiger Act.” In 2012 Tiger shot and killed a subject who was assaulting him and his partner as well as other citizens in a north Phoenix park with a club. He attempted suicide exactly one year to the date of the shooting. He later committed suicide in 2014. It is believed his death was the result of undiagnosed and untreated PTSD.

The Arizona Police Association (APA) and the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona worked together to introduce and ensure this bill was completed into law. "It is our hope that this bill will prevent the tragic loss of other police and firefighters due to the ravages of PTSD," the APA said on Facebook.