Photo: Baltimore PD/Facebook

Photo: Baltimore PD/Facebook

Six people were killed and at least two others wounded in separate shootings in Baltimore Monday night and early Tuesday morning, prompting Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis to announce a weeklong deployment initiative to put more officers on the street, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Effective immediately, all patrol officers and detectives will be required to work 12-hour shifts, rather than their standard 10-hour shifts, and every sworn officer in the department capable of being deployed will be deployed, Davis said.

Davis called the latest spate of violence — in a record-setting year for it — "unconscionable," and said he joined community members in being "pissed off" about it.

"We're just as angry and frustrated and ticked off about it as anyone else watching, and I expect people to be upset," Davis said. "I expect people to want a better Baltimore, to want a sense of peace and tranquility that when they leave their home or go to their car or go to the store or go to work or walk in the neighborhood that they don't have to put up with this crap.

"We get that and we understand that and we're going to keep fighting our way through this," he said. "There is nowhere for us to run. There's nowhere for us to hide. We are responsible for public safety in the city of Baltimore, and we're going to keep working our hearts out until we get to a safer and better place. You can trust me on that."