Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) National President Nathan Catura released the following statement in support of President Trump's latest immigration and border security executive orders empowering the Department of Homeland Security assets:

"We fully support President Trump's Executive Order to defund what we characterize as Sanctuary 'Cesspools' that harbor illegal aliens. These Cesspools have served as safe havens for illegal aliens who think our nation's immigration laws can be manipulated like salt-water taffy to satisfy their sweet tooth for the American pie. Sadly, Sanctuary Cesspool elected officials have prioritized their resources towards protecting illegal aliens while ignoring federal law enforcement efforts to protect the citizenry and our Homeland. We outright reject any misguided notion that these so-called sanctuaries are necessary to gain community trust. We are glad President Trump understands that the American citizenry's trust and confidence, as well as their safety, is our unwavering priority.

‎"FLEOA also applauds President Trump for providing the legal authority for state and local law enforcement officers to support federal officers in the investigation, apprehension and detention' of illegal aliens. When our law enforcement components are synchronized, the American citizenry is better served and protected.  The National Gang Intelligence Center is a perfect example of this. While Sanctuary officials' hearts bleed for illegal aliens, our hearts bleed for the approximate 50,000 neglected homeless American military veterans. While Sanctuary officials support a 'Woodstock' environment that empowers recruitment for violent gangs such as MS-13, they continue to ignore the cycle of despair plaguing American citizens living in high-crime, low income neighborhoods.

"FLEOA stands behind the President's commitment to augment border security, and we applaud his Order to hire an additional 10,000 immigration law enforcement assets and 5,000 Border Patrol ‎Agents. We support his directive to initiate efforts to construct a wall along the southern border, and to support Border Patrol Agents in combatting all forms of illegal trafficking. FLEOA is not unsympathetic to the plight facing those who desire to emigrate to the United States, but we are committed first to protecting the American citizenry and the unwavering rule of law. We look forward to working with General Kelly as he leads the Department of Homeland Security's law enforcement assets in support of their noble mission."