Havis Inc., known for designing and manufacturing computer docking and equipment mounting solutions for mobile applications, participates in producing whitepapers intended to provide facts, figures, and interesting perspectives in order to assist readers in making educated and informed business decisions in their role.

Havis has released a new whitepaper to guide fleet managers through the process of upfitting and installing in-vehicle equipment to maximize driver comfort and safety, and increase productivity for a positive return on investment.

Havis' "Professional Installation and Upfit Guide for Fleet Mobility" details steps for planning and executing an in-vehicle upfit, including selecting equipment to build a custom mobile office solution that fits a fleet's needs and budget; choosing a professional installation partner to provide expertise through the process; and best practices for project management so that equipment is installed both correctly and efficiently.

The Professional Installation and Upfit Guide for Fleet Mobility provides the framework needed to create customized fleet strategies. The new whitepaper is designed to help professionals better understand and communicate their needs, and develop a strategic plan for new vehicles, fleet refresh or equipment upgrades.

The whitepaper also includes a useful checklist for selecting a professional installation partner based on reputation, quality, capabilities and added value offers. 

Visit www.havis.com to download a free copy of Havis' "Professional Installation and Upfit Guide for Fleet Mobility." For more information on Havis equipment mounting solutions, visit http://www.havis.com/products.htm