VIDEO: CO Officers Disciplined for Playing Pokémon Go On Duty

Two Commerce City, CO, Police field training officers have been suspended from training recruits after the FTOs were discovered taking recruits on Pokémon Go hunts on-duty instead of doing actual police work, reports CBS4 in Denver.

Police sources tell CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass the two field training officers had their authority revoked late last week after their recruits confessed to the on-duty Pokémon pursuit.

Julia Emko, a spokesperson for Commerce City, told Maass, "Commerce City places the highest value on protecting the public and upholding the trust of the people we serve. We hold our officers to the highest standard and expect unquestionable integrity."

The officers were caught by one of their supervisors in unusual places and it was quickly determined they were chasing cartoon characters, not criminals.

Emko said, "When supervisors discovered this performance issue, it was immediately addressed; the officers' training duties were removed and these duties have yet to be restored. The city takes reports of misconduct very seriously and investigates such claims, taking decisive action when appropriate."