A video contradicts a Los Angeles police officer's claim that he fatally shot an unarmed homeless man in Venice last year because the man was grabbing his partner's gun holster, according to police records made public Tuesday.

The recording, taken from a bar security camera, does not show Brendon Glenn's hand "on or near any portion" of the partner's holster, according to a report from LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to the city's Police Commission. The officer's partner told investigators he never felt "any jerking movements" near his gun, the report added.

The commission unanimously sided with Beck on Tuesday, concluding that Officer Clifford Proctor violated department policy when he fatally shot Glenn in the back near the Venice boardwalk. The panel and Beck also faulted Proctor's decision to draw his weapon, along with the tactics he and his partner used leading up to the deadly encounter.

The decision caps an 11-month review of the May 5 shooting, the Los Angeles Times reports.