Lenco Industries, a producer of tactical armored security vehicles, has introduced a new light APC. The BearCat X3 utilizes Lenco technology in a lightweight, modular variant that’s designed for Special Ops, Counter Terrorism, or Internal Security applications. The pickup-style APC is designed to provide up to BR7 Armor Protection with high ground clearance for aggressive off-road performance and excellent maneuverability.

Lenco BearCat X3 (Photo: Lenco)

Lenco BearCat X3 (Photo: Lenco)

The BearCat X3 features a large rear bed with a cargo capacity of 70 to 85 cubic feet based on configuration with a more than 2,000-pound load rating. The X3 offers a wide variety of interior layouts to include Lenco’s 360-degree rotating hatch and gunner stand and seating for four to six personnel. In addition to the large standard rear cargo utility bed, configurations include networked radar surveillance, a self-contained water deployment package, weapons mounting and storage, and medical evacuation. The X3 is also designed for Border Security Operations, which includes integration of the Telephonics Radar and Video Enforcement Network-Mobile (RaVEN-M) system along with NetCom and TruLink intercom units.

The Lenco BearCat X3 is a versatile package that creates a fleet of protected vehicles with low cost of ownership and scalable capabilities for today’s mission and tomorrow’s evolving threats.

For more information visit www.lencoarmor.com.