VIDEO: NYPD Officers Sprayed with Accelerant, Burned while Apprehending Murder Suspect

Two NYPD officers were sprayed with an accelerant and burned on Sunday night in the final moments of a manhunt for a 23-year-old who went on a violent spree earlier in the day, authorities say.

The suspect, Patrick James Dillon, had slashed a woman, burned one man and fatally stabbed another before being shot in both legs by police, authorities told WPIX TV.

He was arrested in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, following the manhunt -- which involved "hundreds" of police officers -- according to the NYPD.

Dillon began his crime spree, police say, at around 11:20 a.m. when he slashed a 39-year-old female in the neck and face. He then reportedly stabbed a liquor store owner and sprayed gasoline on another man and lit him on fire. Police say all of the attacks appear to be random.

Inspector Scott Shanley and Lieutenant Andrew Childs, both of the NYPD critical response unit, spotted Dillon at 5:40 p.m. He had with him a bottle of accelerant and what appeared to be a small green kitchen knife, according to police.

Shanley and Childs were sprayed with the accelerant and burned in the confrontation. The two officers were taken to Cornell Medical Center. They have been treated and released.