New Haven, CT, is a model for the nation in improving relations between law enforcement and minority communities that have frayed following highly publicized violence by police, FBI Director James Comey said Monday.

Comey and NAACP Chairman Roslyn Brock spoke at a conference in New Haven aimed at improving how police and minorities interact and work together to solve problems, reports the Associated Press.

Comey cited the success of the city's Project Longevity program, which has brought together police, community members, social services providers and others to try to reduce gun violence. The program is also being run in Hartford and Bridgeport. A recent Yale University study said the program has resulted in an estimated five fewer group member-involved homicides and shootings a month in New Haven.

"New Haven," Comey said, "is a place where some very important and creative work is being done that I hope is an inspiration to people around the country."