Envisage Technologies, a Bloomington, Indiana-based high-technology firm, has been awarded a multi-year contract by the Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service (FPS). FPS chose the Acadis Readiness Suite to replace its legacy systems with a modern, modular software solution.

FPS will implement Acadis to automate training academy management for its law enforcement and non-law enforcement personnel at their training academy in Glynco, Ga. Additionally, FPS will look to leverage the Readiness Suite capability to help manage the training and compliance function for their Protective Security Officers (PSOs) throughout the thousands of federal facilities across the United States which fall under FPS' scope of protection responsibility. Acadis will help ensure that FPS officers and private security companies providing guard staffing are in compliance with all training and reporting requirements.

"Acadis will provide critical automation to the agency. It streamlines training, testing, and certification processes, creating almost instant access to compliance information for all the men and woman charged with protecting our Federal Facilities," stated Rick Swengros, FPS Deputy Director for Training and Professional Development. "The Acadis technology is well established within the DHS and was an optimal choice for our agency."

"FPS joins the rapidly growing number of DHS agencies that are turning to Acadis to accomplish their mission," said Ari Vidali, Envisage Founder and CEO. "We built this technology for the unique and demanding requirements of law enforcement and public safety. We are honored to support the FPS in their mission to secure our nation's federal facilities."

About the Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service

The Federal Protective Service's area of responsibility covers the continental United States and U.S. territories. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., FPS is divided into 11 regions nationwide. Regional headquarters are located in metropolitan areas across the country, with approximately 200 field offices. The FPS is responsible for protecting over 9,500 federal facilities around the nation. The Agency maintains four MegaCenters that process responses to over 534,000 calls for service annually.


Envisage is a high-tech software company founded in 2001 to automate complex training operations for high-liability industries. Clients include military commands, federal law enforcement academies including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and many state law enforcement and public safety organizations (www.envisagenow.com).

About the Acadis Readiness Suite

The Acadis Readiness Suite is designed to make certain that our law enforcement, emergency responders and military are trained, equipped and ready. The Suite measures readiness by automating complex, high-risk training and compliance operations. Acadis is designed to increase the accuracy and effectiveness across every level of critical incident response by consolidating information about personnel and resources. The modular system enables organizations to implement functionality where needed to support the compliance lifecycle.

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