Sheriff Mike Bouchard (Photo: Oakland County Sheriff's Office)

Sheriff Mike Bouchard (Photo: Oakland County Sheriff's Office) 

Oakland County, Mich.,Sheriff Mike Bouchard is demanding Amazon end sales of T-shirts with the slogan "(expletive) the police" and Facebook shut down pages by the same name.

"Social media has become a main source of propaganda for the anti-law enforcement movement and it is disgusting that Facebook continues to permit '(expletive) the police' pages and groups for public consumption," Bouchard wrote in a statement issued Monday.

Bouchard issued the statement from the Major County Sheriff's Association, a national organization comprised of elected sheriff's of jurisdictions with more than 500,000 residents, indicating he's not alone in the demands. Bouchard is listed as the organization's vice president of government affairs, MLive reports.

The association "condemns the obscene caricatures depicting the assassination of law enforcement officials and calls upon Facebook to immediately remove the content," Bouchard wrote. " ... Additionally, it was recently brought to the (Major County Sheriffs' Association) attention that Amazon was selling "(expletive) the Police" T-shirts, as well as other anti-police merchandise.

"It is unimaginable that a retailer would promote and profit off of the bigoted targeting of an individual based on their race, religion, disability or sexual preference ... "