The city agency that investigates the most serious allegations against Chicago police officers has recommended that a detective be fired for the fatal off-duty shooting of a 22-year-old woman, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The decision from the Independent Police Review Authority comes almost five months after the detective was acquitted in Cook County criminal court on involuntary manslaughter charges in the killing of Rekia Boyd. Boyd was shot and killed in an alleyway when the detective fired over his shoulder at a group from inside his vehicle, and the officer told police he thought one in the group had a gun.

Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who had publicly disagreed with the criminal charges against the detective, will now decide if he agrees with the recommendation to fire him. If he goes along, the Chicago Police Board would decide if the officer should be fired. If that panel backs his firing, the officer could still sue in Cook County Circuit Court to try to win his job back.