VIDEO: Dashcam Footage of Violent Michigan Arrest Triggers Investigation, Outrage

Inkster, Mich., Police have launched an internal investigation following a violent arrest that involved some of the department's officers.

Floyd Dent says he was punched repeatedly after being dragged out of his Cadillac on Jan. 28 following a traffic stop. According to police reports, Dent was pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign.

"An officer ran up to me with his gun, told me to, 'get out the car, or I'll blow your brains out,'" says Dent.

The officers say they found crack cocaine under the passenger seat, but Dent says it was planted.

As for the officers, Inkster Police Chief Vicki Yost told WXYZ TV one of them is on administrative duty as this investigation goes on.

"It's important to know, we're not hiding from this. We started the investigation. We launched internal investigation without a complaint. When all the facts are in, we'll take the appropriate action," says Chief Yost.

 The complete dashcam video is available here.