Photo: SkidCar

Photo: SkidCar

SkidCar System, Inc. was honored with the Z-Man Achievement Award due to the company's ongoing pioneering efforts to educate and train law enforcement on the latest new generation vehicle technology, specifically Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

The ALERT International Z-Man Achievement Award was born in memory of Mark Y. Zylawy, a highly regarded Portland police officer who died January 27, 2008 in a tragic and untimely accident at the age of 40. The annual award represents what he stood for regarding Emergency Vehicle Operations Training and for the best innovative idea in police driver training. Mark was very outspoken about officers using the latest and most progressive training material available.

The ESC Workshop by SkidCar System Inc. is a one-of-kind training program updating officers on the understanding of the Electronic Stability Control systems installed in all modern police vehicles. Depending upon the type of vehicle driven, possible changes in driving habits could be critical in avoiding unexpected or even lethal outcomes. Through this program, ESC systems are exposed, explained, and understood through a proprietary classroom course presentation and hands-on driver training with the SkidCar System.

For more information on the ESC Workshop, the Z-Man Award, or ALERT International, contact SkidCar System Inc. at 866.754.3227 or [email protected].

About SkidCar System Inc.

Developed in Sweden in the 1980s, the SkidCar System allows drivers to experience real-life car control issues, and teaches them techniques that help them maintain control. The SkidCar System is a driver training program that represents a proven concept we refer to as "The Science of Controlled Driving." Based on a foundation of mind over motor, this approach builds and strengthens a driver's understanding of vehicle dynamics, hones his or her sensory skills, and teaches sound driving strategies, while refining a driver's reactionary motor skill.