Off-duty Washington County Sheriff's corporal Cheryl Crecelius rescued two men from a burning vehicle after she arrived upon the scene Saturday night in rural Washington County near Gaston, Ore., reports The Oregonian.

Crecelius unfastened the seatbelt and pulled Jason Eaton, 25, from the front passenger seat backward through the right rear door as the Jeep filled with smoke. She placed him on the ground a safe distance from the fire that was rapidly consuming the vehicle. He was regaining consciousness as she raced to free the unconscious driver.

Crecelius unfastened driver Mark Vanbleck's seatbelt and attempted to pull him backward out of the same rear door. The fire had consumed the entire engine compartment and flames were breaching through the floorboard area as the smoke began thickening in the passenger area.

Vanbleck's legs were pinned between the dash and seat. Crecelius crawled out of the vehicle to get assistance. A man in his 20s stopped and helped by getting back into the burning vehicle with Crecelius. Together they freed Vanbleck from the vehicle moments before it was fully engulfed in flames. He remained unconscious until Gaston Fire Department personnel arrived and revived him.