Provincetown, Mass., Manager Sharon Lynn is conducting an inquiry into an incident involving Police Chief Jeff Jaran and a rap song about police brutality playing at a restaurant he was at on May 7.

Jaran stopped at The Squealing Pig pub that night for the post-election party of Selectman-elect Thomas Donegan. After speaking with Donegan, Jaran said Friday, he and a friend sat at the bar for a drink. A song by N.W.A. began to play. Jaran said he was not familiar with the song, but as he listened he became uncomfortable and offended. The song is called, "F**k tha Police."

He said he told a restaurant employee to shut the song off and added that the person should be ashamed. Jaran said he and his friend regularly go to The Squealing Pig and he called the owner the next day and the issue was resolved.

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