VIDEO: La. Cops Beef at Off-Duty T-Stop

Two Baton Rouge (La.) Police officers have received verbal counseling for a heated confrontation at a vehicle stop outside of their jurisdiction.

Officer David Stewart was off duty while in uniform and driving his cruiser on April 30, 2012, when he observed a white pickup truck traveling nearly twice the posted 45 mph speed limit just outside of Denham Springs, reports the Advocate.

Officer Stewart gave chase and eventually pulled over Cpl. Brian Harrison, also an off-duty Baton Rouge PD officer. The officer called Livingston Parish Sheriff's deputies for backup. Harrison was furious that Officer Stewart pulled him over outside the agency's jurisdiction.

The two men argued during an exchange captured on Officer Stewart's dash-cam system. Stewart told Harrison, "You ought not be a police officer."

Stewart eventually called off Livingston deputies and let Harrison go without a citation. Harrison then flipped Stewart his middle finger and returned to the truck.