Screenshot via KOB.

Screenshot via KOB.

Albuquerque's departing police chief is receiving harsh criticism for appearing to condone extramarital affairs among his officers during an on-air interview with KOB-TV's Tom Joles.

Chief Ray Schultz, who is leaving as chief next week and will remain as a consultant, was discussing the murder trial of ex-officer Lexi Chavez that revealed the affairs among officers.

"In law enforcement, you've got young, good-looking folks that do this job," Schultz told Joles. "That's our target group of employees—20-, 30-, 40-year-old men and women. We ask them to stay in good shape. There's nature at play."

City Council President Dan Lewis told the Albuquerque Journal that Chief Schultz gave the "wrong answer" to Joles. Lewis said "it's not OK" for officers to "commit adultery with one another" and that a new chief would "hold our officers to a higher standard."

Deputy Chief Allen Banks is taking over as interim chief of the department on Aug. 3. Schultz will remain as a consultant for a month during the transition.