Seven LAPD officers who opened fire on a newspaper delivery truck that resembled a fugitive ex-cop's vehicle were administering "street justice," an attorney told the Daily Breeze.

Glen T. Jonas now represents Emma Hernandez, 71, and her daughter, Margie Carranza, 47. The two women were delivering copies of the Los Angeles Times early Thursday, when the officers opened fire on their truck shortly after 5 a.m.

Jonas said the officers made no effort to identify who they were shooting while searching for Chris Dorner.

"I don't want to beat the war drum here, but it's clear that they didn't make any attempt to match the description and they used deadly force without giving anyone in that car an opportunity to surrender," Jonas told the Breeze. "You have two basic violations of protocol and the result is that because of that, they are endangering citizens."

Both women were wounded in the shooting. Hernandez was shot twice in the back.