The Zero S motorcycle. Photo courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.

The Zero S motorcycle. Photo courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles has added the Zero S electric motorcycle for law enforcement agencies in 2013, pairing it with an upgraded Zero DS police cycle.

The company introduced the Zero DS Police Motorcycle in 2012. Zero has provided models for field-testing with the Monterey Police Department, Santa Cruz Police Department, San Jose State University Police Department, and Scotts Valley Police Department.

Both models are 93% more powerful, generate 62% more torque and yield 10% greater city range as compared against the equivalent 2012 models. The dual sport configuration is able to travel 121 miles (city), or 74 miles (55 mph highway), on a single charge. The street configuration is able to travel 132 miles (city), or 83 miles (55 mph highway) on a single charge.

Both can use a new optional CHAdeMO charging accessory so they can be re-charged to 95% at a charging station in an hour or less. Featuring Zero Motorcycles' completely new Z-Force motor and higher-voltage power system, both motorcycles deliver instant acceleration that is both impressive and, without ever needing to shift, incredibly smooth.

The Zero S Police/Security and Zero DS Police/Security motorcycles also feature new bodywork styling, on-board storage, Nissin brakes and mobile device integration. A new two-up seat, refined frame and passenger pegs provide improved comfort and control for both the rider and passenger, according to the company.

For improved off-road handling and to accommodate a wider variety of tires, the Zero DS Police/Security uses new 19-inch front and 17-inch rear tires. The Zero S Police/Security uses 17-inch tires on the front and 17-inch on the rear.