A New York City gang clique distributed a fake wanted poster on a social media site calling for the deaths of two NYPD officers who shot and killed Brooklyn teen Kimani Gray on March 9.

The wanted-poster photo, which appeared on social-media site Instagram, featured pictures of Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova above the caption, "50z want these pigs heads." 50z is a gang subset.

A user going by the handle "safjcrossfit" encourages the cops' would-be killers to "empty the clip on umm," reports the New York Post. The officers have been given police radios to take home.

The shooting of Gray has raised the ire of protesters, who took to the streets of Brooklyn last week to battle NYPD officers. Gray was shot seven times, including three in the back, after he reportedly pointed a weapon at the officers. Gray's .38-caliber revolver was recovered from the scene.

Gray has also been linked to the Bloods street gang.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on desk duty during the investigation. They have been named in five previous civil-rights lawsuits. Settlements were paid in the amount of $215,000 in those cases with no admission of wrongdoing by the city, reports the New York Daily News.