New Hampshire's drug task force has received a new commander and revamped operating procedures as a result of a fatal April raid that claimed the life of Greenland's police chief.

Attorney General Michael Delaney, whose office oversees the task force, announced the changes Friday. Delaney's office also released its full investigative report on the incident.

New Hampshire State Police Capt. Scott Sweet will oversee the implementation of the new procedures, which include command-level approval for all warrants, suspension of "no knock" dynamic entries, Level III body armor and first-aid kits for members, and required use of portable radios for all high-risk scenarios.

Commander Sweet is now establishing a timeline to implement the recommendations of the Greenland Incident Review Commission, which has been investigating the deadly raid since May.

On April 12, six drug task force members raided the 517 Post Road home of Cullen Mutrie, who was suspected of selling anabolic steroids and oxycodone. In a shootout with Mutrie, Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney was killed and four other officers were wounded. Mutrie and Brittany Tibbets, his 27-year-old girlfriend, were also killed.

The injured officers included Detective Gregory Turner of the Dover Police Department, Officer Eric Kulberg of the University of New Hampshire Police Department, Detective Scott Kukesh of the Newmarket Police Department, and Detective Jeremiah Murphy of the Rochester Police Department. Kukesh was the team leader for the raid.

By Paul Clinton


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