Screenshot via CopBlock.

Screenshot via CopBlock.

The founder of the anti-law enforcement Website has been indicted on three felony wiretapping counts relating to a viral video report he published alleging excessive force.

Adam "Ademo" Mueller's report focused on a Manchester (N.H.) Police school resource officer's arrest of a 17-year-old West High School in October 2011.

In a video clip captured on a student's cell phone, Officer Darren Murphy is seen lifts 17-year-old Frank W. Harrington III from his seat, spins him around, forces him into a prone position and arrests him. Although public officials told the student to delete the video, it ended up in Mueller's hands instead, according to a press release.

After viewing the footage, Mueller called the Manchester Police Department and West High School seeking comment. Mueller recorded interviews with the on-duty public officials, and then included them in a video report on that publicized the alleged excessive use of police force at the high school.

According to New Hampshire state statues, in order to be guilty of wiretapping another party must have a reasonable expectation that their communications are not subject to interception.


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