Photo courtesy of Gamber-Johnson.

Photo courtesy of Gamber-Johnson.

Gamber-Johnson has introduced a vehicle-specific console box designed specifically for the 2012-2013 Dodge Durango SSV.

The console box attaches right to vehicle without a need for a top plate. The removable top plate, center brace and side wings create an ease of radio installation and wiring routing.

The console allows for the center console shifter and differential mode switch panel to be moved slightly backward to accommodate a radio in front of the shifter. The shifter gate plate is included.

The vertical, angled section accommodates six inches of mounting space and is designed to house two full size radios. The horizontal, low-profile section accommodates four inches of mounting space with an internal cup holder (8.5 inches without an internal cup holder) and is designed to house radio control heads and accessories.

There are two versions of the Dodge Durango SSV console box. Both include standard faceplates (full faceplates sold separately) and standard filler panels. One version of the console also comes with an armrest and internal dual cup holders (Item No. 7160-0445) and the other version is just the console box (Item No. 7160-0446).