Photo: Streamlight

Photo: Streamlight

Streamlight has introduced the SolarStream, a supplemental solar charging panel for police vehicles. The SolarStream helps to offset battery drain from computer systems and other rechargeable electronics when a vehicle is off, extending battery life and limiting battery-related vehicle maintenance, according to the company.

Streamlight's SolarStream is a thin-film amorphous silicon charging panel that adheres to a variety of contoured surfaces and delivers 14 watts of maximum power in full sunlight.

"With the Streamlight SolarStream, first responders can charge lights, radios, and other electronics with less fear of draining their vehicle's battery," said Ray Sharrah, Streamlight's president and CEO. "The Streamlight SolarStream uses more of the available sunlight because it is not dependent on a mounting angle, as required with other systems."

The charging system works by dispensing up to one amp of current to a vehicle's battery, which prevents it from draining completely. The SolarStream maintains a trickle charge to the vehicle battery even in low sun and cloudy conditions, and is both heat and shade tolerant, according to Streamlight.

The panel measures 40.88 inches long and 13.07 inches wide. It weighs 1.3 pounds. The product has been tested for wind resistance of up to 120 miles per hour.

The panel, which is directly connected to the vehicle's battery, is packaged with a fuse holder and fuse that automatically cuts off power from the panel if the included cord is damaged. The 20-foot 18AWG cord allows for a variety of installation conditions. The Streamlight SolarStream retails for $400.