Blade-Tech Tactical and Looper Brand have partnered to produce the Flashbang concealed carry holster that allows women to attach a small semi-auto or revolver to a bra.

The Flashbang holster (patent pending) is a molded, plastic clam shell designed to snap in place over the barrel/slide and trigger guard of many small .380 pistols and J-frame revolvers.

The holster tucks underneath a bra band where it is secured in place by both the band itself and a soft suede strap that snaps around the center portion of the bra between the bra cups. The open-bottom design of the holster allows the gun to be drawn simply by pulling straight down on the grip of the gun while the suede strap retains the holster.

The Flashbang holster comes with three straps of different lengths to accommodate the majority of bras. Each strap has a directional snap that allows the user to quickly put the holster on and take it off, but prevents the holster from being forcibly removed or accidentally knocked loose.

Because the gun actually rests partially inside the bra cup, the only portion that's visible is the grip. Although a larger bust line improves concealment, a shirt with a pattern on it or a bit of ruching or fullness allows even a lady with a very athletic physique to comfortably conceal the firearm.

If a woman draws her gun, she uses her weak-side hand to pull up the hem of her shirt to clear the garment so the grip of the gun is exposed, and then pulls straight down on her firearm with her shooting hand. Because of the way the Flashbang holster is made, the trigger guard is fully covered until the gun is pulled away from the body while at the same time allowing her a full combat grip on the weapon. This technique also presents the attacker with a major distraction while allowing the lady to access and utilize her defensive weapon.

The Flashbang holster is available for $40. Current gun fits include the S&W Bodyguard .380 and Bodyguard revolver, any snub-nose J-frame revolvers, the Kel-Tec, the LCR and LCP by Ruger, and SIGʼs P238.