To celebrate 30 years in business, FARO Technologies Inc. has asked Paul Jr. Designs to build a custom FARO-themed morotcycle that will be featured on Discovery Channel's "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior" series, premiering Jan. 17.

Like with most custom choppers created by Paul Jr. Designs, the FaroArm was used during the fabrication of the anniversary bike. Several elements such as the gas tank, seat pan and primary cover show the craftsmanship in every design. Intricate shapes and contours are difficult to capture or re-create by hand.

With the FaroArm, craftsmen are able to digitize the exact shape and placement of components, virtually eliminating the need to trace and create cardboard templates. The data collected with the arm can be immediately imported to the CNC machine or water-jet cutter to produce accurate pieces that fit perfectly from the start, reduce scrap, save time and boost efficiency.

During the fabrication and unveiling of the new FARO custom chopper on the show, viewers will get a preview of the next-generation FaroArm.