The city of Chattanooga, Tenn., has reversed its decision to charge officers living inside city limits who take home vehicles, following an outcry from the officers.

The City Council decided to reverse the move, and refund officers it had begun charging in early January. The council's reversal vote was Jan. 25, reports Government Fleet.

In early January, the city began charging Chattanooga Police officers 20 cents a mile for those who live in the city and 30 cents per mile for those living outside city limits. Those who live outside the city will continue paying the take-home vehicle fee.

The city refunded all officers, including those who live outside the city, for fees charged during the mid-January payroll period, Officer Rebecca Royval, the Chattanooga PD's public information officer, told Government Fleet.

Of the 336 take-home vehicles, 184 are assigned to officers living outside the city, and 151 of these are parked. These 151 vehicles represent round-trip mileage of nearly 5,000 miles per year, city records show. The city can save about $640,000 by parking the vehicles, according to Mayor Ron Littlefield.


Tennessee City To Charge Officers for Take-Home Vehicles