Team Safariland member Rob Leatham won top shooter at the USPSA Springfield Armory Single Stack National Championship for the 16th consecutive time, according to the company.

The Single Stack Classic was held from April 30 to May 1 in Barry, Ill., with 269 competitors.

"Rob has been a major part of Team Safariland for over 20 years, not just competing, but supporting Safariland in developing and testing new products," according to Scott Carnahan, Team Safariland's manager and VP of category marketing. "It still amazes me how Rob can continue to be on top of his game after all this time. He truly is TGO (The Great One)."

Leatham competed with his 1911 pistol and Safariland's new Model 032 ELS Competition Belt System, with ELS (Equipment Locking System) forks and plates. Around the belt are pre-cut mounting holes for straight up or angled attachment of the ELS 35 Receiver Plate, providing a secure mounting platform for the mag pouch and holster equipped with the ELS 34 Fork.

"This new rig allows me the same tune ability, speed and comfort as an open rig plus the adjustability you don't normally receive in a concealment rig," according to Leatham. "Now all I have to do is change out the pouches and holster body with the ELS system, and it will become my product rig."

Sponsored shooter Julie Goloski Golob took top honors in the ladies division, with her 10th national title, and fellow Team Safariland member Kippi Leatham finished third in the ladies division. These shooters were also using the Safariland ELS Competition Belt System.

Leatham is a 23-time USPSA national champion, five-time IPSC world champion, and an eight-time NRA Bianchi Cup champion. In 2009, Leatham was also the NRA Bianchi Cup Metallic champion and USPSA Steel Challenge Production champion. Kippi Leatham is a four-time USPSA national champion, of which three titles are from Open Division and one from Single Stack Division. Kippi is the 2009 USPSA Area-2 Production champion, and she is also a four-time member of "Gold Team USA" IPSC world champions.

For more information about the ELS Competition Belt System and Team Safariland, visit the company's website.