Corporal Dana Kevin Cusack, 45, of Clover died as a result of the March 27 crash on Highway 200 near Douglas Road in Lancaster County. After a three-month long investigation, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Lexington County Traffic Division has concluded its investigation into the 3:30 a.m. crash.

Cusack, who was on duty in a patrol vehicle, died after a single vehicle collision on Highway 200 south of Lancaster near a curve where a side road intersects the highway at an odd angle.

The investigation revealed Cusack was driving a "high rate of speed" at the time of the collision, according to a release from the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. Cusack didn't have his blue lights on and had not called in a traffic stop to dispatchers.

Two separate methods determined that Cusack was going anywhere from 104 to 111 mph at the time of the crash. Officials ruled out that another vehicle or animal contributed to the crash.

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