Trijicon has announced the availability of a new thermal imaging rifle scope. The Trijicon Advanced Combat Thermal Sight (ACTS) is the world’s first system providing soldiers with high-definition uncooled thermal sighting with up to 4X magnification for long-distance nighttime operations.

The Trijicon ACTS is designed to easily clip on small arms and interface with the battlefield proven Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight), delivering rapid and precise target acquisition under the most challenging conditions. The sight can also be used as a handheld thermal imaging device for scouting, surveillance, or covert operations. Developed in partnership with FLIR Systems Inc., a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems, the Trijicon ACTS uses a 320X240 VOx uncooled microblometer camera to provide crisp imagery through total darkness. Because it uses thermal imaging technology, the wide range of visual acuity issues common to the battlefield does not compromise this advanced sighting system.

The Trijicon ACTS mounts forward of the Trijicon ACOG, presenting the solider with the same field of view, keeping reticles calibrated and maintaining boresight. Engineered to enhance combat readiness as well as performance, the Trijicon ACTS can be quickly mounted and dismounted without removing the Trijicon ACOG optic. The Trijicon ACTS can also provide gunners with 1X, 2X (digital and 200m) and 4X (digital and 200m) magnification, overcoming distance as well as darkness. Silent operation (inaudible beyond one meter) and a unique rubber shroud that prevents illumination of the operator from the viewfinder make this a stealthy tool, as well as highly effective one.

The Trijicon ACTS is small and lightweight, measuring just 5.3 inches long X 3.5 inches wide X 4.0 inches high and weighing only 22 ounces (including batteries, lens covers, and rail mount). This makes the Trijicon ACTS highly portable and reduces operator fatigue during extended use. It has been designed for simple operation in the field, with large, single button controls for basic image adjustments. No special batteries are required as the Trijicon ACTS provides seven hours of continuous use on three regular CR123 Lithium batteries.

While it may be compact and lightweight, the Trijicon ACTS is extremely durable. It carries an IP67 waterproof rating (up to two hours in 66 feet of seawater) and can operate in temperatures ranging from –40 to +131 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Trijicon ACTS is the second innovative thermal sighting system developed with FLIR, following the company’s groundbreaking Trijicon Advanced Thermal Weapons Sight (ATWS). “The Trijicon ACTS thermal sight is the next logical extension of the product line developed jointly by Trijicon and FLIR. The Trijicon ACTS, when mated to the Trijicon ACOG, provides the user with a lightweight, extended distance thermal solution,” says Tom Munson, director of sales and marketing for Trijicon. “Trijicon and FLIR share a vision for a family of thermal weapon sights to meet the varied needs of the armed forces. There is likely coming a day when every soldier or marine with a weapon will have thermal capability. The introduction of the Trijicon ACTS is the next step in making this possible — and we look forward to continuing our cooperation with FLIR to provide this level of ongoing innovation.”

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