Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that, after eight months of endurance testing conducted by professional instructor Todd Louis Green at, the full-size M&P9 pistol successfully recorded 50,000 rounds. Throughout the testing, the M&P9 was used by more than 50 people and received only limited maintenance during the evaluation process.

“Without question, this is the most shooter-friendly gun I’ve ever handled,” said Green, founder of “My goal from the beginning was to put the M&P9 through its paces, not only to measure the endurance of the gun but also to test how the pistol performed in terms of accuracy.

"The M&P9 clearly exceeded my expectations in both areas and coincidentally has also been responsible for new personal records in a variety of different shooting disciplines," he added. "The combination of low bore axis, steel skeleton, and polymer frame helps to reduce recoil and muzzle flip to the point that even new shooters find no challenge in firing the gun both accurately and quickly. In particular, I’ve loaned the gun to students who were struggling with their own pistols and saw immediate improvement in their accuracy, their speed, and their confidence.”

During the testing process, which has been documented by Green at, the M&P received limited maintenance during the testing period.

In his commentary, Green writes that it was not uncommon for the pistol to go over 5,000 rounds between cleanings. Accuracy tests were conducted at predetermined intervals and involved a five-shot group at 25 yards from a seated position on a bench.

Initial groups at the beginning of the testing measured an average of 1.46 inches and at the conclusion of the endurance testing had only opened up by ¼ of an inch. Over the course of 50,000 rounds, the M&P9 recorded only two stoppages, both attributed to improper maintenance during the stringent testing as well as two minor part breakages.

In all, the M&P9 amassed 104 total range trips with an average of 559.4 rounds fired during each session. The only changes made to the M&P9 while in Green’s possession included the addition of a Performance Center sear, Warren Tactical 2-dot night sights, and Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

“This was no doubt an abusive test,” commented Green. “In many cases we went beyond what is considered an industry standard in terms of lack of maintenance. Another important fact is that this pistol was my carry firearm and was on my side throughout the endurance testing. I always had complete confidence in this pistol. The M&P Pistol Series is one of the top performers in the areas of durability, reliability and accuracy and I think that the results from this test certainly back that position.”

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