Built around Beretta's latest Px4 Storm modular technology, the company's new Px4 Storm subcompact delivers concealed carry handling with large frame firepower.

Available in two calibers, 9mm with 13 round magazine capacity and .40 S&W with 10-round magazine capacity, the Px4 Storm subcompact will be available in the same traditional configurations (F, G, C, D actions) as its Px4 Storm full-size counterpart.

This new pistol uses a very reliable locked breech, providing a more compact and lighter weight system. Additionally, the Px4 Storm subcompact utilizes a stainless steel barrel, which requires less maintenance and is corrosion resistant, making it perfectly suited for concealment close to active perspiring bodies.

"With the launch of our new subcompact model, the Storm family of polymer pistols and carbines is now the ideal suite of firearm platforms available on the market," said Gabriele DePlano, Vice President of Product Development at Beretta USA. "Whether it is used for concealed or open carry, on or off duty, as a patrol rifle or for home protection, the Px4 Storm subcompact family is poised to offer our operators the ultimate in Beretta's reliability, durability, and accuracy in its smallest package yet."

Featuring a Picatinny rail to fit light and laser accessories, the Px4 Storm subcompact also adapts to different hand sizes easily with interchangeable backstraps that are included with each firearm. The magazine's patented "Snap-Grip" allows for maximum concealability when the firearm is holstered, while providing a comfortable and secure grip when the pistol is being fired.

An ambidextrous manual safety, positioned on both sides of the slide for easy access by all shooters, and a low-profile slide catch complete this small yet powerful package. Additionally, a reversible magazine release button, in small or large size, can be mounted on either side for the convenience of the operator.

The Px4 Storm subcompact was designed by Beretta USA and will be manufactured in the United States at Beretta USA's Accokeek, Md., facility.

For more information visit www.BerettaLE.com.