A new report on Suicide Bomber Tactics by London-based Medea Group has been widely distributed to multinational field operators throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Now it's available by request on condition of security approval.

This report titled "Suicide Bomber Tactics" created especially for PMSC (private military security companies), private contractors, and security personnel outlines the trends, techniques, tools, motivations, and warning signals to help field operators minimize risk caused by Islamic suicide bombers. 

"Our Medea Group team of analysts volunteered to provide this practical report to field operators in Iraq and Afghanistan to save lives in a very practical way, with the same insights typically used to help organizations minimize risk and maximize ROI in post-conflict regions," explained Rachel Zedeck, Founder and Managing Director of Medea Group.  "Not unlike corporations reconstructing these regions, field operators need comprehensive, unbiased insights and practical guidelines to help them mitigate the daily risks in these highly volatile environments."

This first in a five paper series titled "Strategic Security and Analysis: Islamic Terrorist Field Training & Tactics," motivated by requests from field operators, was provided to select security personnel who subsequently widely distributed it to fellow operators throughout the field.  The brief yet detailed report reviews SBBIEDs (Suicide Body Borne Improvised Explosive Devices), potential VIBED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) indicators, female bombers, profiling, and more. 

Consistent with all Medea Group analyses, this report revealing "Islamic Terrorist Field Training & Tactics" provides impartial, practical, and timely insights combined with established risk analysis. This report includes practical identification of new and pre-existing threats and has been designed for use as a part of comprehensive weekly or monthly briefings combined with updated intelligence reports.

With security approval, this report on "Suicide Bomber Tactics" is now available upon request from Medea Group.  Upcoming titles in this bi-monthly series titled "Strategic Security and Analysis: Islamic Terrorist Field Training & Tactics" include "Female Suicide Bombers and Online Training Techniques" and "Kidnap Models and Prevention Training." 

For more information visit www.medeagrp.com.