Two retired Philadelphia police officers working as guards were killed in an early morning robbery attempt at a Wachovia Bank branch in the Northeast section of the city. A third guard, the driver of the armored car, was grazed on the arm and hit by flying glass during the attack.

The murdered guards were identified as Joe Alullo, 50, who retired as a sergeant in 2000 after 27 years on the force, and former Police Officer William Widmaier, 65, a 23-year veteran who retired in 1989.

The two retired officers were outside of the vehicle servicing an ATM when they were ambushed.

At presstime, one of the largest police manhunts in Philadelphia history was under way as officers beat the bushes searching for the extremely violent robbery suspect.

Early reports indicated that officers were seeking four suspects in the crime, two men and two women, but they now say the crime was committed by one man. At presstime, the suspect had not been identified.