Gamber-Johnson, manufacturer of rugged mobile docking stations and vehicle mounts, has announced the release of the new Panasonic Toughbook 30 Docking Station (CF30).

The Toughbook Tested and approved CF30 Docking Station was designed using MIL-STD-810F test procedures and complies with FCC Class A standards. The docking station allows complete port replication, eliminating the need to connect any external peripherals to the computer, allowing fast insertion and removal of the computer. The dock features 4 USB ports (three out back and 1 out the side), 1 Ethernet port, 2 Serial, 1 Video, Microphone and Speaker ports. The docking station can be upgraded to have single or dual RF pass-through to enhance connectivity. An external Lind Power Supply is needed to supply power to the docking station (Item No. 11798).

The CF30 docking station was designed with many features that help protect the longevity of your computer and docking station. The internal protected circuit board helps safeguard the electrical components from the dirt and dust associated with having a road-side office. The brass locating pins and floating docking connector help you to place the computer correctly on the dock, which allows for precise docking alignment every time you insert your computer. An interlock mechanism was added to prevent engagement until the computer is seated properly on the mounting plate. The simple tubular key button allows you to easily push in the button to release and disengage the docking connector. The forward facing ports provide low mounting capability, minimal cable strain and minimal swivel resistance.

For security, the CF30 docking station has two key lock options. First is the optional pushbutton lockable latch that is keyed alike. With this option, lock use is not necessary for continued, positive docking engagement. The second option is the automatic, keyed alike lock that automatically locks when the computer is engaged. The docking station also has built-in credit card guard for theft protection.

For customized comfort, the CF30 docking station can be used with most Gamber-Johnson Motion Attachments for tilt and swivel capabilities (sold separately). The Motion Attachment connects the computer docking station to the vehicle mounting system and provides tilt, swivel, extension and slide capabilities to enhance usability and user comfort. See Gamber-Johnson’s full line of Vehicle Bases and Poles to complete the mounting system.

All docking stations are designed with heavy gauge steel construction and have a black powdercoat finish to ensure long-term durability and maximum corrosion resistance. The CF30 docking station is backed by a three-year limited warranty (printed circuit board, docking connector and all sheet metal).