Photo courtesy of Cubic Corp.

Photo courtesy of Cubic Corp.

When it comes to realistic training, it's hard to beat a full-scale faux city designed specifically for force-on-force training. The high-tech tactical village at the College of DuPage's 66,000-square-foot Homeland Security Education Center in the western suburbs of Chicago is the only training center of its kind outside the military, according to Cubic Corp., which developed the systems used at the center.

The climate- and lighting-controlled indoor training area consists of a main street that can be reconfigured to meet any department's training needs. The center uses Cubic's Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) and ASAULT exercise control and after-action review system.

The multi-jurisdictional training center opened in 2011 and, in addition to the regular police academy classes, it offers specialized local, state, and federal law enforcement classes.

"It is very much a classroom," says Cubic's Brooks Davis. "This type of system enables law enforcement to do the high-fidelity training the military has been doing for years."


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